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Direct Care Rates

We believe that your family deserves the very best eye care and we are willing to challenge the healthcare system to provide that.

With our Direct Eye Care approach, we are able to lower our prices across the board, decreasing our impact on the healthcare system, while providing the best patient care for you and your family.

Adult Annual Eye Exam with Refraction (Glasses Prescription)

Includes retinal photo, iWellness Exam (MRI-type scan for eye disease) and any glasses related follow-ups

Kids Annual Eye Exam with Refraction (Glasses Prescription)

Includes retinal photo, iWellness (if needed) and any glasses related follow-ups

Additional Testing for Eye Disease (i.e. Glaucoma, Diabetes)

Now can be done same day as Annual Exam

Basic Office Visit

Red Eye” Visits (infections, severe dry eye, allergies, etc.)
Includes up to two follow-up visits

Intermediate Office Visit

Includes plugs, foreign body removal, lash removal (epilation)
Includes up to three follow-up visits

Advanced Office Visit

Advanced eye trauma and advanced foreign body removal (i.e. rust)
Includes up to five follow-up visits

Eye Disease and High Risk Monitoring

Includes periodic testing and monitoring of eye diseases (such as Glaucoma, Macular Degeneration) and monitoring for those patients on high risk medications (such as Plaquenil)

Contact Lens Evaluations
Includes all follow-ups, trial contact lenses, and prescription checks for an entire year
Spherical – Soft or Hard (RGP) Contacts  $69
Toric (Astigmatism) – Soft or Hard (RGP) Contacts $89
Multifocal – Soft or Hard (RGP) Contacts $109
Specialty – Scleral or Mini Scleral Lenses $149
Glasses Packages (Frame and Lenses)

Includes 2-year warranty on frames and lenses, top-of-the-line blue blocking technology, non-glare coating, scratch resistance coating, and impact resistant lenses

Starting at $129

We offer fair pricing on the best progressive lenses on the market without restrictions placed on us by insurance companies. We use only the highest quality lens labs in the country while offering a 2-year warranty (at no additional cost) and a 30 day satisfaction guarantee.

We want you to love your glasses, so if you’re not completely happy, just let us know within the first 30 days and we’ll make it right.

Want to know more about our Direct Care system?  Click here.