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Insurance and Direct Care

The EyeCare for You Way – All are Welcome!


We believe that your family deserves the very best eye care and we are willing to challenge the healthcare system to provide that.


We are proud to be providers in the Direct Care Movement, which strives to improve healthcare by putting doctors and patient back together, no longer separated by the insurance company.

When doctor’s offices are contracted with insurance companies, prices for care are artificially inflated to compensate for healthcare providers only receiving a percentage (in many cases, a small percentage) back from insurance companies as a reimbursement.  When doctors are only paid by additional testing and products, the overall costs of healthcare are driven up which then gets pushed back on the consumer in the form of rising insurance rates.


With a direct care system, we are able to lower our prices, decreasing our impact on the healthcare system, while providing the best patient care for you and your family.


We will help file insurance claims for our patients, as an out-of-network provider, and you receive your reimbursement directly to your home.

What that means for you as a patient, is that you can expect the highest quality care at our office, without compromise. My team and I work for you, not the insurance companies.  Our pricing structure is simple, we have no wait times, as much time with the doctor as you need, and Dr. Ramsey available to you by phone or email for questions.


As a local business, we depend on the support of the community.  We hope you’ll consider supporting EyeCare for You in our efforts to provide only the best eye care for you and your family.

Benefits of Direct Care:
  • Excellent service and attention
  • Transparent, Simple, and Affordable Pricing
  • No pressure environment
  • As much time with Dr. Ramsey as you need
  • All Patients Welcome – No restrictions on what insurance plan you have
  • No frame or lens restrictions
  • We file your benefit for you, out of network, the check comes directly to you
  • Ability to use HSA/FSA funds
  • Dr. Ramsey available 24/7 for emergencies
  • Supporting local instead of insurance companies
Want to know more about our Direct Care system?  Click here.