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Raleigh Rescue Mission

raleigh rescue mission dr kara ramsey
Dr. Kara has provided free eye care at the Raleigh Rescue Mission since 2011

Dr. Kara believes that her gifts and talents should be shared with the less fortunate.  In 2011, Dr. Kara established the eye clinic at the Raleigh Rescue Mission, a non-profit organization dedicated to the well-being of the homeless.  Since then, she has helped give back the gift of sight to hundreds of those living in our community that were truly in need.

Importance of Sight

Our vision is often overlooked as one of the many gifts that we have.  We use our sight in almost everything that we do, from eating our breakfast to reading an article to working at our jobs.  Now imagine that you cannot see without your glasses. What if they were broken or lost and you had no way to replace them?  For most of us, it would be extremely hard to function, hold down a job, or even just be able to take care of ourselves without being able to see.

Impact of the Raleigh Rescue Mission Eye Clinic

Since it’s inception, Dr. Kara has seen hundreds of patients at the Raleigh Rescue Mission.  She has provided comprehensive eye exams, eye disease management, and much needed corrective eyeglasses. By providing glasses and complete eye care, we are able to give the patients the vision necessary to study, get jobs, and once again become contributing members of society.

About the Raleigh Rescue Mission

Since 1961, Raleigh Rescue Mission has offered hope and life-changing help to well over 750,000 homeless and hurting individuals. They serve both men and women battling life-controlling issues, women and children needing emergency shelter, those who thirst in the summer and shiver in the winter, those who never had a chance and those who need a second chance. 

Special Thanks for All The Support!

Medical Clinic Staff at the Raleigh Rescue Mission
Regina and Brenda coordinate all the patients’ schedules and provide/set-up the space we need to conduct the eye exams.  Thank you for all you do!  We love you guys!

Because of their commitment to the less fortunate,  the homeless of Raleigh and the surrounding communities now have the opportunity to get the eye care that they desperately need!

No matter what your skill or trade, you too can help the homeless of Raleigh get back on their feet by signing up to be a volunteer on the Raleigh Rescue Mission website!