Mission Trips

Providing Eye Care to Those in Need Abroad

Mission Trips

In October 2023, Dr. Kara and Laura volunteered with VOSH to go to Guatemala. While there, they provided hundreds of eye exams and hundreds of glasses to those in need.


This July, Dr. Kara and Laura are going back to Jalpatagua, Guatemala with a group of volunteers and other optometrists.

If you would like to help with Dr. Kara's mission to Guatemala, you can! Please drop off over-the-counter readers in ANY SIZE, ANY POWER, ANY STYLE.


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Dr. Kara has been on several mission trips to northern Haiti during which a team of optometrists and technicians traveled to five rural towns in Northern Haiti to provide eye exams and glasses. On each week-long trip, the team saw over 1,500 patients, dispensed over 2,000 pairs of eye wear, and referred dozens of patients for cataract and glaucoma surgery.




Volunteer Optometric Services for Humanity (VOSH)

The mission trips are organized through VOSH who also prepares, organizes, and ships all the donated glasses.


VOSH is an international organization of optometric professionals and students with chapters throughout the world.  Their mission is to  provide the gift of vision and quality eye health to, "every person on the planet."


They work tirelessly to make sure that volunteers have all the resources they need to optimize their time in country.  VOSH also provides security precautions to help can keep their volunteers safe.


To learn more about VOSH, please click here.

Dr. Kara is thankful to be able to provide these services to the people of Haiti & Guatemala and is looking forward to making more trips in hopes to be able to lead future mission trips.