Apex Optometrist is the first eye care office in the Triangle to embrace a direct eye care system


There’s a new trend in healthcare, called the Direct Care Movement.  The Direct Care Movement strives to improve healthcare by putting doctors and patients back together, no longer separated by the insurance company.


By not contracting with insurance companies, it allows healthcare providers to spend more time with patients and their families, offer lower prices, perform additional testing at no charge, and see patients back for follow-ups without charging additional fees.


When healthcare providers are contracted with insurance companies, prices for care are artificially inflated to compensate for doctors only receiving a percentage (in many cases, a small percentage) back from insurance companies as a reimbursement.


In January, TIME magazine featured a cash based surgery center in Oklahoma that is leading this movement.  At the Surgery Center of Oklahoma, they have transparent pricing listed on their website for all their surgeries.  When practices are cash based, they are able lower prices and decrease the impact on the healthcare system, while providing the best care for patients and their families.  To read more, check out the full article at: http://time.com/4649914/why-the-doctor-takes-only-cash/


At EyeCare for You in Apex, NC, they too are embracing the Direct Care Movement, removing barriers to patient care that are put in place by insurance companies.  Dr. Kara Ramsey, the optometrist and owner at EyeCare for You, says “I opened our office two years ago to be different from corporate eye care.  I believe that I’m a better doctor when I have time to properly diagnose and treat the visual needs of my patients.  As we’ve learned more about insurance, I’ve realized it’s a numbers game.  When working with insurance companies, the goal is to see more and more patients, which significantly reduces amount of time that can be spent with each patient.”


It has been estimated that the sense of sight provides approximately 80% of all the information we receive about the world.  Spending time with your eye doctor to make sure that you’re seeing the world clearly and are free of ocular disease, will keep your vision healthy and comfortable throughout your life.


At EyeCare for You, you can schedule up to an hour with the doctor.  This time is used to have a comprehensive vision and health evaluation of the eyes, and to answer any questions patients might have.


“We are a local family practice, trying to provide only the best eye care for our patients and their families.  We work for our patients, not insurance companies.” – Dr. Kara Ramsey


To learn more about the Direct Care Movement and EyeCare for You, visit their website at https://eyecarenc.com/about/insurance-direct-care/