Contact Lens Fittings

The Right Contacts with the Right Fit

To be fitted for contact lenses, special tests are conducted that are not performed during a routine annual eye exam, but a contact lens fitting can be scheduled at the same time as your annual comprehensive eye exam. During the contact lens fitting, Dr. Kara will assess how the contact lenses are resting on the surface of your eyes and determine if any changes need to be made. At the conclusion of the fitting, Dr. Kara will provide trial contact lenses for you to try out for a few days.


Our goal is to provide recommendations for contact lenses that help you see clearly and feel comfortable to wear. If you are new to contact lenses, additional training sessions may be needed.


Training for New Contact Lens Wearers


Dr. Kara and her team work with contact lens wearers of all experience levels and ages. For those individuals new to contact lenses (adults and children), we spend as much time as is needed make sure you are comfortable putting in and taking out your contact lenses. Our office provides a quiet, no-stress environment to learn how to properly use contacts.


Follow-up Exams


After the initial contact lens fitting, a follow-up exam is scheduled one week later to determine if the trial contact lenses fit well and you are seeing clearly. During the follow-up exam, Dr. Kara will recheck the fit of the contact lenses and retest your vision with the contacts on. If there are any problems with the contacts, a new set of trial lenses may be dispensed.  Once you feel comfortable in the lenses and Dr. Kara confirms that you are seeing clearly, your contact lens prescription will be finalized.


Important Health Considerations while Wearing Contact Lenses


The eye is a sensitive organ and is susceptible to irritations that may be caused by contact lens wear. For this reason, it is important to have annual contact lens health evaluations.  Problems that may be undetectable to you can develop into conditions that could cause serious problems including permanent vision loss. It is vital to your eye health to make sure that your contact lenses fit properly, you are wearing them as prescribed, and are allowing enough oxygen to reach your cornea.


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