Dry Eye Syndrome

Treatment Options

Did you know that approximately 3 million people suffer from Dry Eye Syndrome? It’s more common than we think, due to tear production, environmental factors (smoke, dry air or bad air quality) previous ocular surgeries, and even aging.


DES occurs when your body lacks good tear production. The tears that keep your eyes lubricated are made up of water, oils, and mucus. While using artificial tears and drops are a good way to temporarily relieve you of the dry, gritty sensation you feel, there are many other options available to you to help you produce better quality tears.


Aside from drops, Dr. Kara can offer you a variety of options based on your needs and lifestyle.

Punctal Plugs

Think of punctal plugs like your own tiny drain stopper. This micro-sized devices are inserted into your tear ducts and block your tear canals to prevent your eyes from draining your natural tears. We use only safe, dissolvable plugs that you won’t feel. We offer permanent, semi-permanent, and temporary options.

Dry Eye Mask

This is a good option for those who have oil-deficient dry eyes, often related to screen usage. DES masks are used while warm, and help open your glands to help with oil flow to your eyes. Masks are excellent for daily use and a good option for those who travel.


True Tear ™

The first of its kind in ocular health, this medical device is a patient favorite! Drop-free, drug-free, and hassle-free, and instant. Designed with neurostimulation, TrueTear™ sends tiny pulses of energy to your nasal passage through a golf ball sized device to instantly produce tears. Curious about how it works? Try it in our office today!

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