Emergency Eye Exams

When in Doubt, Get it Checked Out

If this is a true medical emergency, call 9-1-1 and seek immediate medical attention.


If you think you are having an eye emergency, immediately seek the care of an eye care professional.  At EyeCare for You, Dr. Kara is available for emergency eye exams. We provide this service for current patients.


Call our office at 919-249-2020 for more information.


Eye emergencies such as retinal detachments, physical eye trauma, eye infections, and foreign bodies in the eye ( i.e wood, metal shavings) can cause visual impairment and permanent vision loss if not treated promptly.


Symptoms that require an emergency eye exam include:


  • New onset flashes and/or floaters
  • Loss of vision
  • Double vision
  • Red/painful eye(s) or eyelid(s)
  • Abnormal drainage coming from the eye(s)
  • Foreign material in the eye(s) such as branches, metal, or chemicals


While you are waiting to be seen:


  • DO NOT press on an injured eye or rub the eye
  • DO NOT attempt to remove foreign material with tweezers or cotton swabs, especially if it appears to be embedded on the eye
  • If you believe you have a contact lens stuck in your eye, DO NOT attempt to take it out yourself.  There may not be a lens in your eye and you could cause more damage. That painful, scratchy feeling may be an abrasion on your eye and not a contact lens



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